Cold and Flu Season Survival Guide

Stock up now!
Before the cold and flu germs hit your family, take the time to stock up on supplies that you might need, as there is nothing worse than having to take a trip to the pharmacy with poorly children. Stock up on medicines, tissues and soap. It is worth checking that your thermometer is in good working order and that you know how to use it before someone gets sick and you find yourself needing to use it on short notice.
Sick? Best to stay home.
If you or your little ones are suffering from a cold or flu, it is a good idea to stay home. Not only do you run the risk of spreading the germs further, but resting is one of the best methods of fighting off a virus and getting better quicker.
Drink, drink, drink
Getting enough fluids into your child is important if they are suffering from a cold. Drinking fluids can help to thin mucus and relieve a stuffy nose. If they are struggling to drink and they are old enough, offer them ice lollies or a straw to drink with.
Whistle While You Work
Getting hands clean requires washing them with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds - that's about 2 renditions of 'Happy Birthday.' Try to use soap rather than antibacterial liquid, as soap is just as affective.
Keep your family healthy
General health is also so important to remaining fit and well through the cold and flu season. Making sure all your family have a healthy diet, with plenty of vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables will help bolster immune systems but will especially help your child in fighting off viruses. Likewise, rest and getting enough sleep for both yourselves and your child is essential, as it helps immune systems to fight infections.