Personal Humidifier

Personal Humidifier

Compact, portable humidifier compatible with VapoPads® to help alleviate cough & cold conditions due to cooling sensation.


This compact personal humidifier with VapoPads® helps alleviate cough & cold conditions* and reduce the survival of flu viruses in your home by maintaining moisture level between 40%-60%.** The 1 button operation for constant cool mist output allows a simple and intuitive use. Use with VapoPads® Menthol or Rosemary & Lavender for additional soothing vapours and extra comfort.

  • Compact Size – Portable: Takes little space on night table and can easily be taken when travelling.
  • Simple & Intuitive use with 1 button operation for constant cool mist output.
  • Ideal for small room up to 10m2
  • Ultrasonic Technology for ultra Quiet Operation and Cool Mist to avoid risk of burns.
  • Last up to 4 hours per tank - 0.5 liter capacity
  • For added soothing vapours, use with VapoPads® Menthol or Rosemary & Lavender (Optional) essential oils


*due to cooling sensation

**Studies have shown that keeping indoor air at an RH level of 40-60% reduces survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air compared to lower RH levels.

Model Number:
2 Year Limited Warranty
Tank Capacity:
Room Size:
Small Room
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Cooler Nebel
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