Why humidify?

Your little one’s nose and sinuses are designed to humidify, warm and filter air before it reaches their lungs. When their body is functioning properly, the air that they breathe is humidified to 100% but when they are suffering from a cough or congestion and the air around them is very dry, it can further add to their discomfort.

Humidification provides many benefits such as helping easy breathing. Adding moisture to the air when it is too dry by using a humidifier can help to soothe your little one’s chesty cough or blocked, stuffy nose. Having the correct moisture levels helps to maintain the correct consistency of nasal mucus. It also damps down an unproductive, tickly cough due to dry irritation, but if a cough is productive, the correct level of humidity makes it easier to clear mucus from the air passages to reduce congestion.

Humidification can also be useful in helping medications to work better. Maintaining the correct level of humidity can help to ease your child’s congested nasal passages, which can help nasal spray medication to work better. Hopefully, a humidifier will be enough on its own to alleviate your little one's cold condition as it is better not to use as it is better not to use decongested sprays for more than 3 days in a row. Indeed, it is possible that they can start to experience rebound symptoms which can prolong congestion.

Humidifiers can help maintain moisture levels between 40-60%, which is the optimal levels for reducing the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air*.

Natural remedies/scented oils

Our humidifiers work with VapoPads, which can be used to bring extra comfort when your child is suffering from congestion or a cough. Using the right scented oils can help easy breathing. Inhalation is one of the best method for young children as it is much softer on their delicate bodies.

It’s also important to know which scented oils are most suitable for young children. Lavender is ideal for helping babies to sleep, while menthol helps to ease tension and relax muscles, but should only be used with children aged 3 years and above. 

By using the VapoPads, you can release just the right amount of scented oils into your child’s bedroom, which they will gently inhale as they sleep. VapoPads in rosemary & lavender is suited for children over 3 months of age (or 4.5kg). If your child is over three years, the menthol version is the perfect choice. 

It is also really important to make sure the pads are only used with Vicks recommended products, as they have been designed so the essential oils spread through the air. 

The pads should not be used on your child’s skin, swallowed or put under the nose.

*Environmental Health 2010, 9:55