Three Tips For Bedtime

Routine is reassuring – and a familiar bedtime routine helps her understand that it’s time for sleep. If colds and fever make bedtime harder, add some humidification products for extra soothing and comforting.

A Sleepy Atmosphere

When the lights are dim, and your voice becomes softer, a sense of serenity spreads through the bedroom. The air should be neither too dry nor too humid. This is where the SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier comes in very handy. It makes sure the air never gets too dry, using Cool Mist technology that is super safe and ultra-quiet.

A Bedtime Story

Your voice is a precious sound to your child. When you read our specially-written bedtime stories, your voice will naturally go up and down, varying in tone and pitch.

 Download our Bedtime Stories App for a story that brings pleasure to both child and reader.

Download the SweetDreams Bedtime Stories

A Soothing scent

One last thing before leaving the room: open up a VapoPad for soothing vapors that provide extra comfort. Each pad works for up to eight hours, right through the night.